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Reputational Branding
is now a "thing." 

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While each of these two approaches might be triggered by a negative event, Reputation Management and Reputational Branding are not interchangeable. 


Think of Reputation Management as crisis control, similar to a visit to the chiropractor after a painful mishap. This practice is generally reactive, initiated in response to negative events or publicity. It's about damage control and restoring the brand's image to a positive state. It's vital, but it's predominantly addressing issues post-occurrence. Reputation Management is much more expensive because the consulting firm knows you're desperate.

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Homer Simpson at the Chiropractor: "Hey, it feels a little better!"

On the other hand, Reputational Branding is a more proactive, long-term approach. It’s akin to a regular fitness regimen, where continuous efforts are made to maintain health and prevent future issues. Even if something negative has occurred, it's about reinforcing a positive brand reputation and consistently reinforcing it. It’s about thinking ahead, integrating your core values into every aspect of your brand and building trust over time.

1 //  Reputational Branding isn't "re-branding." 
Re-branding is best when organizations need a fresh start and need to tell a new story. Reputational Branding does not re-write the story, rather is reinforces organizational strengths in the face of challenges.  


2 // It's can fuel transformation.
If you have new leadership, or if you are pivoting, or trying something new, Reputational Branding uses your existing perception as a way to add a new chapter to your current story.  


3 //  It's organizational focused, not product or services.
It's about the organization, not specific to a product or service. It raises the level of the conversation to reestablish faith in core capabilities, inspire loyalty and position against competition.


4 //  If facing challenges, it can rebuild trust.
If your brand/organization has a reputation problem -- you didn't deliver on a promise, your business is still dealing with effects of the pandemic, or past leadership made big mistakes -- Reputational Branding helps your audience refocus on the story that matters.  

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