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Kids in the Garden

KC Millennial Housing & Neighborhood Survey Results

In our third biennial study, KC's largest generation is making some big life decisions. 


The Future of Development in Kansas City

Predictions after a survey of 50 KC-based CRE professionals. 

Love Locks

Every Brand Makes a Promise.

What's yours?


How to be the Brave Nail

In a sea of logos and marketing messages, do you stand out?

City Biking

KC Millennial Housing Preferences - 2019

Home ownership vs renting,

downtown vs. the suburbs.

We asked, they answered,

Thermometer or Thermostat

As a developer, which are you?

What do KC Millennials Want?

2017 Survey of KC Millennials Housing Preferences.

Millennials Are Bored With Your Experience

Blame it on Apple.

An Open Letter to the Advertisers During the Big Game

You're wasting your money.

What's With all the Skeletons?

Trendspotting in LA.

Highline Builds Bridges Between Developers & Public

Highline profiled in MetroWire Media.

Entrepreneur: Marketing Startup's Counterintuitive Approach

Highline profiled in Kansas City Business Journal

Does Convenience

 Really Make Life Better?

Where will we draw the line?

Repositioning  through


Great Design

For developers, owners or city officials who need to reposition a property, great design isn't optional. 

LA Trendspotting:

3 Things to

Watch For

We couldn't help but notice three design trends all over LA. 

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