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So why did two ad agency veterans leave the sexy world of consumer culture to start a firm that focuses on places?

Good question. 

Simply put, Kathryn and Brett grew up in families where real estate and architecture were important. In fact, Kathryn's mom and Brett's dad were partners in real estate long before Kathryn and Brett knew each other. Each of them pursued advertising at the highest levels, Brett in New York at McCann Erickson and Kathryn going digital at VML in Kansas City.

Today they get to work with some of the most interesting developers, civic leaders, and visionaries who are changing the face of cities, improving people's lives and creating spaces where people want to be.


At Highline, we believe places matter, deliberate design makes a difference, and the brand comes to life when it's woven into the entire experience.  


Brett Posten

Kathryn Orlowski Jones


Because our clients don't need the same resources as a consumer product, our agency is organized differently.

Since 1996 we have developed a network of independent, creative partners who join us to swarm a project and then disappear when it's complete. 

Different than just "freelancers," we've worked with our network of talent for more than 20 years. Designers, video producers, writers, architects, interactive designers, land use planners, programmers, musicians, event producers, PR pros with contacts at every kind of publication. All veterans. No interns. Some of our projects have 20 people on them. Others have three. Whatever it takes.

We take this approach for a few reasons: clients save money; it allows us to be solution agnostic; and we can use the most talented person for the job regardless of where they live.

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