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Generation Park is the largest and most important development in Houston in the past 25 years.  

Since 2010, HIGHLINE has worked with McCord Development to launch this 4,000-acre enterprise park through branding, marketing, video, PR, events and interactive. From day 1, McCord leadership was adamant that they did not want typical real estate marketing, rather they wanted to build a brand that could last for decades and help fully monetize their investment in the property.


Instead of going to a firm that specialized in real estate marketing, McCord came to us. As a brand experience company with a specialized team dedicated to brand, product and company launches, we approached Generation Park with the same toolbox of marketing strategies and tactics we deploy for other launches. 

Using strategies and tactics from our days as consumer marketers, we placed an extremely high value on creativity, design quality, and strategic planning. Despite the challenges facing the energy sector in Houston, Ryan McCord, President of McCord Development, believed that our strategy and creativity could build sales momentum. He was right. Generation Park has proven to be a bright spot in Houston, with nearly half a billion dollars worth of development underway at the park and thousands of people going to work there every day.

We would be happy to share a complete view into this signature project with you in person.  To see more of our work with McCord Development, visit  

Using a mix of helicopter, drone, on-location interviews, 3D rendering flythroughs, motion graphics and animation, we created a master video that can be broken into short segments depending on the audience. To see all the videos, visit 

A Brand Based on Generating Ideas
Generation Park Vision Brochure
Generation Park Redemption Square
Generation Park Shootout 2013
GP Aerial Mix
GP Motion Graphics
Generation Park Shootout 2014
GP Video Interview
Generation Park Redemption Square
Generation Park Amenities Map
Generation Park Shootout 2015
Generation Park Interactive Map
Let's Talk Campaign
Connect the Dots Campaign
Generation Park Neighborhood Outreach
Generation Park Email Sales Template
Generation Park Groundbreaking
Generation Park Opportunity Map
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