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KC Global Design

75% of all sports venues in the U.S. are designed in Kansas City...and Kansas City engineering firms span the globe with offices in more than 110 countries. These stats and many others support Kansas City's global stature when it comes to AECD talent.


Because of that, civic groups, KCADC, KC Rising and leading corporations have joined together to create a focused program called KC Global Design. KC Global Design establishes KC's position in national and international markets to attract talent, suppliers, and new business for partner firms.

Highline Partners was brought on to support by raising the profile of some of the best projects to come out of KC — not just sports — but all design projects and firms who are doing great work.

Marketing efforts included: a new website to feature participating firms, social media, public relations, video and materials to be used for college outreach efforts. 


Brand Identity
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Web & Marketing Collateral
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Social Media Curation & Management 
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