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Southwest High School has sat vacant for decades. 

It was once the premier high school in the Kansas City area producing famous authors, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, movie stars and directors, a world-famous rap artist, even an astronaut, plus thousands upon thousands of solid, hard working, Kansas City-proud citizens.  

By putting political issues and years of historical challenges behind us, we came together with a group of enthusiasts to help craft the vision for a new high school of the future. This new breed of school will bring diverse students together around project-based learning and connect them to the real world. 

A colorful, high-tech inspired campaign brand was developed and deployed across a variety of communication tools to start a groundswell of awareness and support: website, yard signs, car window stickers, printed materials, social media channels and more. 

The goal was to garner the school district's attention by pledging 500 students. In just over a month, more than 2,000 students have pledged to attend the transformed Southwest High School and the area is abuzz with resounding support.


That's hard to ignore.  

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