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Does your logo pass the "swap test"?


Look at any of your marketing materials and imagine your competitor's logo on it instead of yours.  If it's just as true with their logo as yours, you have a problem (that we'd love to help fix...)

A few years ago, in a pitch to a major home improvement retailer, we demonstrated this principle by replacing the audio from their TV ad with the audio from their biggest competitor. The marketing was so similar that the executives didn't notice until the last 3 seconds when their competitors tagline was read. Yikes.

Perhaps the real challenge is that you might secretly believe that your offering  is NOT distinctive yet. As a branding and marketing firm that specializes in places, we have a deep understanding of how to draw out what makes yours unique and present it in ways that get noticed.

The same goes for your company brand. Are you standing out against the competition? Do you have a plan to get noticed? Think about it and either ask your Marketing Department, or let us help.

If this is interesting to you, let's grab the real thing, which of course, is a Coke.

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