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Re-positioning Buildings through *freaking* Great Design.

For developers, owners or city officials who need to reposition a property, great design isn't optional. Millennials are design enthusiasts, experience junkies. And everyone needs to hire them, so your building design and experience now matters.

If you think you can get away with sub-par design, get ready for sub-par tenants at below market rates. 

As a firm that helps developers reposition properties, our job is so much better when the developer understands the rewards of great design -- both brand and architecture.  

Before you read further, though, let us remind you: we are fluent in all aspects of design. Interior. Branding. Rehab. Repositioning. We work with our clients in the earliest of stages to create places people love to be.  

Corrigan Station, Creamery and soon, Grand Place by Vince Bryant and 3D Development

When we looked at offices all across the city, there was no other design where we had the same visceral reaction -- we've got to be here.  Vince's commitment to high design and trying ideas that have not been done before make his buildings stand out from the rest.  Again, high occupancy at high lease rates. And in today's reality of COVID-19, Vince is adopting new design ideas and wellness components we collectively believe will be part of the norm going forward. 

Board of Trade / Populous and AREA Building, by Platform and Populous  

For a corner that had a lot of potential, it wasn't really unlocked until recently.  The Plaza Library and the retail shops on the east side of the road were a great start, but it was Populous' design and AREA's leasing and management that really created the newfound energy, morning, noon and night. New restaurants, yoga, Stock Hill and great interior public spaces.  

These are just some of the most obvious examples, but we're seeing it in retail, in residential, in non-profits. The leaders who are investing in high design standards are able to command above-market rents, retain quality tenants and establish the new standard for KC development.

Well done.

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