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Two governments coming together as one might not sound like a very interesting story. But in this case it is.


The city of Kansas City, Kansas and the county of Wyandotte celebrated the 20th anniversary of two separate governments unifying to reduce corruption, create economic potential, eliminate redundancy and ultimately, propel the vitality of area into the next several generations.


Our challenge was to craft a brand and concept a way to 1) thank those that were intimately involved, 2) celebrate 20 years of progress and 3) educate youth in the area that weren't even born when unification happened. 

The result, WyOneDotte. 

WyOneDotte was created to reinforce the question, 'Why One Wyandotte?'. Why did we unify 20 years ago and how does it impact me (citizen) today? 

A logo was created: 

And two events were conceptualized, planned and executed to extend public outreach. The first was a 200-person VIP dinner to thank community members and local government officials that were integral to making unification happen. 

The second was a free, family-friendly festival called the WyOneDotte Festival that was open to all members of the community. It was promoted through a series of posters and social media outreach to reflect a unifying message. 


The KCK/Wyandotte unification story had been told before, but never to an audience that cares more about the latest iPhone release than how local government is being run. Highline produced, shot and co-edited this video that debuted at the VIP Dinner and has now been seen over 8,000 times. 

The WyOneDotte effort as a whole created buzz throughout the community, spurring conversation, ideas and newfound understanding about why local pride runs so deep. Despite some rain, the festival attracted nearly 1,000 attendees and created lifelong memories for both young and old. 

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