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As the largest Passive House-certified building in the world, Second + Delaware had a unique story to tell.


Highline Partners was brought on to help from the beginning stages of brand identity development, all the way through the building’s opening to new residents. Being 80-90% more energy efficient than comparable buildings and having unique design/build qualities, the eco-conscious brand ethos, ‘Built for Life’ was chosen. From there, all brand touch points focused on communicating the eco-conscious message to an affluent, middle-aged target audience.

Brand Identity & Aesthetic
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S+D (1).png
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Pre-Opening Marketing 
For the print collateral, we created lifestyle swatches that delivered the multifaceted story of living at Second + Delaware, in the heart of the River Market district.

To demonstrate the developer’s commitment to their eco-aware mission, the swatches were contained in a box made of seed paper, that can be planted to produce wildflowers.
Highline worked closely with the co-developers and property management team to establish a year-long launch strategy and executed the plan including support with: graphic design, message development, social media management, advertising, PR and more.

92% occupancy reached 4-months ahead of schedule (amid a global pandemic)

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