Strategic branding for places, spaces and transformational projects.

Highline Partners is a branding and marketing firm specializing in places, spaces and transformational real estate projects. No toothpaste, no cat food, no software. 

We work with developers, civic organizations and municipalities to help shape the vision, craft the story, and execute the communication materials needed to bring a project to life. Our team includes all the disciplines of an ad agency and PR firm, plus those specific to placemaking, including architects, land use and urban planners. 

While we work across the country, on projects of nearly every size, we serve our clients the best when there is a strong vision, a complex story and a team that is interested in trying something different.  

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Millennials Are Bored with Your Experience. Blame it on Apple.

In a world where companies and brands are now defined by how they are "experienced," yet again, there's a lot to learn from Apple.

Thermostat or Thermometer. As a Developer, Which are You?

Either you are setting the temperature, or you're adjusting to the climate. Neither is better than the other, just don't mistake which one is best for you.

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