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If someone asks you where you live, it's generally an easy question to answer, but for people who live in a rapidly growing area of northeast Houston, it wasn't so simple.


Over the past few years as residential developers began building more than 13,000 homes in this area, it became clear that this area needed a sense of identity in order to ensure it receives it's fair share of public services, infrastructure upgrades and transportation improvements.


When presented with this challenge, we recommended "branding" the area and assembled a group of developers to create The West Lake Alliance. In 2015, we created a brand identity, message, video, website and public outreach campaign to help area residents adopt this new area name. Additionally, we are working with stakeholders in the area to help advocate for key issues impacting West Lake.

WLA Logo
Kids jumping off the dock into a beautiful mountain lake. Having fun on a summer vacation at the lak
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